How To Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety Without Drugs: Thundershirt For Dogs Review 2

Thunder shirt for dogs

Thundershirt, also known as Thunder jacket, coat, or vest, uses gentle pressure to comfort your nervous dog.

Thundershirt for dogs, also commonly called a Thunder jacket, vest, or coat, is an incredible way to help calm your dog without any need for medication.

Thousands of other pet owners swear by the Thundershirt to help ease their dog’s anxiety and keep them calm, not only during thunder storms, but for many loud noise related issues, such as fireworks.

The Thunder shirt/jacket/coat/vest for dogs also helps relieve travel and separation anxiety.

  • Easy to use velcro straps allow the Thunder Jacket to fit your dog perfectly
  • Calms your dog almost immediately – no waiting for any medications to take effect
  • No training is needed
  • No drugs
  • No refills needed – use again and again and again

Thundershirt Reviews

While you can get a lot of testimonials from the Thundershirt’s site, obviously, these will all be positive. They do, however, show actual ‘before and after’ video footage of dogs during a high stress situations wearing the Thunder jacket.

However, most Thundershirt reviews on sites other than the manufacturer are also highly complimentary. Positive feedback includes:

  • Works the first time; Did not seem to do much the first time, but after several tries,saw noticeable improvement; Is best if put on before the anxiety starts
  • No problems moving around in it; seemed comfortable; comparable to swaddling an infant
  • Works on: noise anxieties (thunder, fireworks, guns); travel anxiety; separation anxiety; excessive barking.
  • No problem sizing – but make sure you measure the largest part of chest, and put on snug, not excessively tight.

The only negatives (less than 20%) were:

  • No noticeable improvement in anxiety
  • Jacket design – cuts into their dog; not comfortable in it (less than 5%)
  • Did not fit well
  • Would not keep it on dogs that are kept outside – looks like it would be too hot

What Kind Of Dogs Does It Work On?

One noticeable point, after going through hundreds of reviews, was that there was no particular breed or size dog that the Thundershirt worked, or didn’t work, on. While you might expect a certain size, like a terrier, or a breed, like a border collie, to have more failures than others, this wasn’t the case.

Does It Help All Dogs?

What must be realized is that there is never one thing that works for everyone, and the same is true with dogs. People with dogs with severe anxiety issues want a solution that helps immediately, because they know this is so traumatic for their pets. Sometimes, if they don’t see immediate progress, they assume it isn’t any good.

Even the Thundershirt website admits to an 80% success rate. But what the majority who didn’t like it, did say about the Thundershirt, was that their return of the product was easy and hassle-free.

If It Doesn’t Help, Can I Get My Money Back?

Thundershirt for dogs review is a big two paws up. With so many actual users telling how much the Thundershirt has helped, and with a money back guarantee, why not just try it if your dog suffers from any type of anxiety. After all, it has no medications that you have to worry about – it can’t hurt and it just may help your dog. And they are very reasonably priced as well. If you aren’t satisfied, return it within 45 days!

Does It Work Immediately?

Many dog owners see a marked improvement the very first time; however, this is usually with dogs with mild anxiety issues.

The stronger the anxiety, the longer and more times it will take before calming your pet.

And it is not like they just won’t care anymore – they will. Think about when you were a child and a bad storm approached. You would feel better in your parent’s arms, but you would still worry a little bit.

That is what the Thundershirt is – it comforts your dog, but it doesn’t completely cure them of the anxiety. It just make it more bearable, for your dog and you.

Check Out Their Website and Have A Look For Yourself

Take a look at the Thundershirt website where they have several videos that show actual experiences with pet owners who try the Thunder coat on their dogs – showing before and after footage. If your dog suffers from any kind of anxiety problems, this is just one of the best things you can try. And if it doesn’t help, you can always send it back for a refund.

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Brenda Power says:

I have boston terrier, frenchie mix. Very high strung and gets stressed easy. Bought this coat on the advice of a salesperson at a pet store, and I have been extremely pleased with it. Works immediately when I put it on her

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