How A Hypoallergenic Dog Food Can Stop Your Dog’s Itching 0

hypoallergenic dog food

Are you feeding the right kind of dog food?

All you may need is a good, quality dog food, like a hypoallergenic dog food, to help your dog stop scratching so much. Along with food allergies, inadequate nutrition can also play a part in excessive dog itching.

How A Hypoallergenic Dog Food Can Help

food allergies in dogs

Is your dog food right for YOUR dog?

Firstly, a hypoallergenic dog food for dogs with allergies will contain quality ingredients, and will not contain artificial flavorings or colorings, much like an organic dog food. This helps your dog achieve a healthy body that is better able to fight off insects, pests, and illness, and decrease the effects of food intolerance.

Secondly, a hypoallergenic meal will contain fewer ingredients than a regular dog food. If you believe your dog has dog food allergies/intolerance, the fewer ingredients will help isolate the offending food item easier.

Lastly, the best dog food for allergies will usually contain both non-common meat sources (such as venison, duck, and lamb) and non-common grains (such as oats, barley, and rice). This makes it easier on your dog if he does have food issues, as his body will probably not have a problem with these new ingredients. And if you still think your dog is having problems with grains, there are several grain-free dog foods for allergies as well.

The Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food Brands

Below are some of the best hypoallergenic dog food brands. These companies have been around for a while and are all concerned more about the health of pets than their profit margin.

Sojo's Complete Homemade dog foodSojo’s has been making quality foods and treats since 1985. Their motto is ‘Homemade Pet Food Made Easy’ and they provide nutritious dog foods, with or without meat (if you want to add your own). Sojo’s Complete Dog Food Mix is a grain-free dog food with sweet potatoes and freeze-dried raw turkey. This is just like feeding a homemade hypoallergenic dog food.

Click Here for Sojo’s Dog Food

Wellness Simple Hypoallergenic dog foodWellness Simple Solutions make dog foods that provide “natural relief of food allergies or intolerances” with only 5 main ingredients and only one grain source. Wellness is considered a pioneer in holistic nutrition for pets and the company has been around since the 1920’s (as Old Mother Hubbard) and started the Wellness brand in 1997.

Click Here for Wellness Simple Solutions Dog Food

Addiction Raw Hypoallergenic dog foodAddiction Pet Food was founded by a leading Holistic Veterinarian and Clinical Nutritionist who wanted to develop a range of ultra-premium dog and cat foods that contain no by-products, fillers or preservatives. Addiction Raw Dehydrated Dog Foods come in a variety of meat sources, such as chicken, venison, and lamb and are all additive-free.

Click Here for Addiction Raw Dog Food

Natural Balance Hypoallergenic dog foodNatural Balance Dog Food has been around for over 20 years. Many people also know this as Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance, as he is one of the founders of the pet food line. His vision was a quality pet food with nothing ‘bad’ in it – no fillers, nothing artificial – just a high quality dog food. The Natural Balance L.I.D. line, which stands for Limited Ingredients Diet, is specially formulated for the allergic dog.

Click Here for Natural Balance LID Dog Food

Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Dog foodRoyal Canin has been around since 1967 and has pretty much set the bar for super-premium, healthy dog food manufacturers. It contains hydrolyzed proteins, which make it easier for your dog to digest the food. The Royal Canin hypoallergenic dog food, however, seems to be formulated for the dog that has severe food allergies, as it has no meat and is mainly made up of rice. It does provide a complete and balanced diet, and so it might be a great starting point for your dog if you want to use the Elimination diet.

Click Here for Royal Canin Hypoallergenic Dog Food


A healthy body can combat some of the causes for dog scratching (fleas, mange, dog food allergies). As I said above, a hypoallergenic food might be all your dog needs to stop itching so much, and this is such an easy way to fight this problem. The above listed are among the best hypoallergenic dog food brands. Try one – your dog will be glad you did.

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