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treating mange at home with borax

“While I’m not wild about this drip-dry thing, it sure beats those toxic dips!!!”

While many people prefer to go to their vet for help with mange treatment for dogs, many of us don’t like all the harsh chemicals that are used in traditional medicine. The thing about all types of mange is that it comes down to your dog’s immune system’s inability to keep the mite population under control.

Most dogs have mites on their skin at some time. But a healthy dog is able to keep the infestation down. When a dog’s immune system is compromised, either through health problems, an immature immune system, or too much stress, then it is unable to control the mites, and mange becomes problematic.

When looking at how to treat mange in dogs at home, the number one thing you should look at is how to improve your dog’s immune system as a primary part of your overall treatment. This can be through nutrition, in addition to keeping your dog’s stress levels low.

Common Home Remedies For Mange

Two of the most common home remedies for mange treatment is a borax/hydrogen peroxide solution and tea tree oil.

borax for mangeThe borax/hydrogen peroxide, while probably the most widely used home remedy is a little scary for me. Borax is not OK for ingestion, which is why when using it for flea control in your home, you need to keep children and pets away from the treated area. With this particular solution, you put it on the dog’s skin and let it dry. When a dog is itchy, it is near impossible to keep them from biting and licking the affected and treated area. Now the borax is greatly watered down, however, there are still a few pet owners who say their dog vomited (presumably from the borax). With other options available, this is not my favorite, although many people swear by it.

tea tree oil for mange treatmentTea tree oil is a very effective and powerful natural anti-septic and anti-fungal agent which doesn’t irritate the skin. It does provide relief from pain, soothes bites, and also disinfects. There are shampoos and also antiseptic mixtures that you can try. However, since it is an essential oil, if you have any cats in the house, tea tree oil is probably something you don’t want to use, as the effects of essential oils on cats can be deadly. This option is probably not used as much since you must go to a natural store to get most this type of product.



Homeopathic Treatment of Mange

Another option for treating mange in dogs at home comes from a company called Vetionx, which makes homeopathic, all-natural remedies to help with all types of skin conditions in our pets.

Defendex shampoo for mangeThere is the Defendex shampoo, which naturally and effectively removes the mites from their skin. This mange shampoo contains natural ingredients to soothe the skin and reduce much of the itchy feeling. This is very important, because if your dog is scratching and biting, it will just take longer to heal.

Vetionx Derma-Ionx skin and coat treatmentAnother great product is DermaIonx, which is an oral homeopathic treatment that you can put in your dog’s water to support the recovery and repair of your dog’s skin. This product helps internally, whereas the Defendex shampoo works externally to kill the mites.

Using the two together make for a powerful all-natural treatment of mange.


Reference: MyHomeRemedies

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