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How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs 3

Dog wishing itching from fleas would stop

Just crossing your paws and hoping the fleas will go away doesn’t work….

Learning how to get rid of fleas on dogs is an important part of being a pet owner. Fleas are more than just a nuisance for your dog. If left unchecked, your home can quickly become infested with fleas. And if your dog is sick or has a weakened immune system, they will not be able to fight off these parasites and can be left with anemia, which could eventually lead to death.
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Are Fleas Responsible For My Dog’s Itchy Skin? 2

Trying to scratch those fleas

‘Those fleas are driving me crazy. Think I’ll have a little back scratch!’

Flea bites are a common cause for dog itching. It is actually the saliva of the flea that gets under the skin when bitten that causes the itching and scratching.

  • If your dog is allergic to fleas, he will get very itchy skin and will scratch constantly.
  • If your dog is NOT allergic, you’ll see an occasional scratching, but this is usually just to get rid of the fleas. But just because your dog is not allergic, does not mean that the flea bites don’t bother him!

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Flea Bombs That Work To Get Rid Of Flea Infestations In Your Home 6

flea bomb fogger

Flea bombs have their use

Surprised that flea bombs are actually recommended on this site? The problem is, natural methods of flea control and treatment take a while to be effective. While natural methods are always the safest for your pet and family, sometimes other things impact our decision on how to get rid of fleas in the home.

For example, if you have a toddler who is always crawling around the ground, you definitely don’t want them getting all bit up. Or if someone is severely ill, you don’t want to complicate matters with these blood sucking parasites living in your home.

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Can Fleas Live On Humans? 0

fleas on humans possible

Can people get fleas too??

If you’re getting all bit up from fleas, you might be wondering can fleas live on humans? The scientific answer is yes, but it is a certain type of flea that lives on the human host. The general answer is no, as the main types of fleas we are exposed to are cat and dog fleas.
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Neem Shampoo for Dogs To Help Control Fleas and Ticks 2

Neem shampoo for dogs

Neem shampoo for dogs helps keep those annoying fleas and ticks off your dog!

Is Neem shampoo for dogs really able to control fleas and ticks? Yes, it can definitely help control fleas and ticks, and mosquitoes and mites also.

However, the oil itself does not kill the adult insects – it only repels them. It can kill eggs and larvae, just not the adults. So it is perfect to use a neem shampoo and neem spray to keep the insects off your dogs.

Almost all people who use neem oil for insect problems on their pets, say it works incredible.

But, there is a downside discussed a little further down.
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The Best Flea Spray For House – What To Look For 0

Dog itching because of fleas

Keep fleas off your dog and out of your house with a good flea spray

If you have a flea infestation, you want it taken care of immediately. This is why many pet owners turn to flea bombs and flea spray for the house. Many of these forms of pesticide that are used in the house are not only able to kill fleas, but they can also alter the reproduction cycle of fleas to keep new fleas from emerging through a material known as IGR, or Insect Growth Regulator.

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How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Carpet 0

Fleas in carpet brought back from your dog out in tall grasses.

Your dog may love running in the tall grasses, but they can pick up a lot of fleas out there and bring them back into your home and carpet.

While most people don’t get too concerned when they see a couple of fleas on their pets, they should. Because if there are a couple on your pet, you can be certain there are hundreds of fleas in carpet, furniture, bedding – just about anywhere in your house.

When fleas become adults, that is when they jump on your pet, or you, for a little blood (food). But the beginning of their lives, as egg, larva, or pupa, they are infested in your home. Fleas in carpet and pet bedding are the most common hiding places, but just about anywhere shady will do.

When treating for fleas, you need to keep in mind that you must use a controlled approach. You must eliminate the fleas on your dog (the easy part), in your house, and in your yard. Only when all three of these areas are treated, can you live flea-free.

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Diatomaceous Earth: Flea Control Naturally 0

diatomaceous earth on dog

Unlike borax, you can sprinkle diatomaceous earth directly onto your dog and gently rub it into the coat to get to the skin level.

Diatomaceous earth has been used for parasite and insect control for years.

Diatomaceous earth, also called DE and fossil shell flour, is completely safe – you could even eat it and have no adverse reactions.

As a matter of fact, DE is used in many animal feeds to help keep bugs from infesting the food and even to help get rid of some internal parasites in animals.

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How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your House 0

keep fleas out of your home

Keep you and your dog happy and flea-free with some of these methods of flea control for your home.

There are many ways to get rid of fleas in your house, but nothing seems to work for everyone. While some people swear by flea bombs, others like flea sprays, and still others like the more natural approaches of borate powders and diatomaceous earth to deal with fleas in house.
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