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Flea bombs have their use

Surprised that flea bombs are actually recommended on this site? The problem is, natural methods of flea control and treatment take a while to be effective. While natural methods are always the safest for your pet and family, sometimes other things impact our decision on how to get rid of fleas in the home.

For example, if you have a toddler who is always crawling around the ground, you definitely don’t want them getting all bit up. Or if someone is severely ill, you don’t want to complicate matters with these blood sucking parasites living in your home.

When To Use Flea Bombs

You do not necessarily need to use a flea bomb just because your dog has fleas. While fleas do reproduce in large quantities and fairly quickly, if you get a handle on your dog’s flea problem early on, you will not have to endure a flea infestation. Remember, the best flea bomb is no flea bomb.

Fleas on dogs is not the same as a flea infestation. An infestation occurs when you are getting bit by fleas, or when, right after you remove fleas from your dog, they are getting them right back. If your dog is going outside a lot, make sure grasses are cut low to discourage fleas in your yard. Otherwise, they may just keep bringing them back in your house.

Also, after you remove fleas from your dog, make sure to wash their bedding area and vacuum around where they sleep, as that is a common hang out for fleas. With vacuuming, add some nursery-grade diatomaceous earth to the vacuum bag to kill any fleas you vacuum up. Or just throw the bag away. And don’t forget where the fleas originally came from – outside. If your yard is infested, your dog will just continue to bring fleas back in. Make sure grass is cut short. You may also want to try some beneficial nematodes or diatomaceous earth for your yard to naturally kill those nasty fleas.

Using A Flea Bomb Fogger

Sometimes, you just need to get rid of the fleas in your home NOW. And one way to do that is with special flea bombs for homes. What you need to know about flea bombs is that you are basically putting a pesticide on everything in your house. This is a scary concept, especially if someone, or a pet, has any sensitivities to pesticides. You will need to decide which is more important in your particular situation: having a pesticide in the house or taking a week or two to get rid of a flea infestation.

But do flea bombs work? There are mixed reviews on that subject. It is not black and white. You have to understand how the flea bombs works, as well as the life cycle of fleas, and where the fleas are hiding.

For flea bombs that work, you need to look around your house and pretend you are like a fog. The fog will go in a room, and land on surface objects. This is important because if you think there are fleas in the carpet under your couch, you will need to move the couch so the fog can land on the carpet. A flea bomb fogger will only land on accessible objects, it will go a little bit under furniture and in cracks, but only a little.

You also need to understand that while you may have killed all the adults, larvae may not have come in contact, and in anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, they can return.

Refer to my article that talks about IGRs (insect growth regulators) and why they need to be in any flea bomb or flea spray you are considering using.

The Basics of Flea Bombs

All living things should be removed from the room prior to fogging. If you have an aquarium, cover it so no pesticide gets in the water or filter. All flea bombs have extensive instructions on them – MAKE SURE YOU READ AND FOLLOW THOSE INSTRUCTIONS. Not doing so has the potential to cause health problems.

Flea bombs set off a gas, or fog, of pesticide. This pesticide lands on surface areas and kills fleas and larvae. Most flea bombs take around 2 hours to work and advise that every living creature be out of the house for those 2 hours. After the specified time on your particular flea fogger, you must then go in and allow for ventilation of the home for a few hours and to ensure all the pesticide has dried. Still take precautions with infants and try not to let them crawl around too much on the treated areas for a day or two.

Flea bombs that work can completely eliminate a flea infestation in your home. It is up to you to decide if your flea problem is big enough for a flea bomb, or if more natural methods like diatomaceous earth or borate can effectively control your flea problem.

Zodiak flea fogger bomb - one of the best

Zodiac brand flea bombs get great reviews!

Recommended Flea Bombs That Work

The Raid flea bomb, even though Raid is a very well known name for insect killing, actually does not get very good reviews. Very few people felt like it did anything to kill fleas in their homes. On the other hand, the Zodiac brand flea bomb has got very good reviews from several shopping websites as being very effective.

Most people who have tried flea bombs have advised that you use a flea bomb in conjunction with a flea spray. There are just too many places (under things for example) that the flea bomb fogger just can’t get to. Flea sprays allow you to directly apply the insecticide where you know it is needed. However, the same precautions need to be taken with flea sprays as flea bombs – remove all pets, cover fish tanks and food, leave the house for several hours, air out afterward.

The leader in flea sprays would have to be Knockout ES Area Treatment, although it also seems to be very toxic (which is why it works the best) and people warn to heed all instructions when applying and keeping pets away from treated areas for as long as possible afterward. But most people were extremely pleased at how well it did treat their flea infestation.

Where To Buy Flea Bombs

You can buy flea bombs online, in pet stores, in super-stores, like Wal-Mart and Target, and sometimes even in your grocery store. You will get more options online, and usually better prices. The above mentioned flea bomb, Zodiac, can be found online and in some of the pet superstores, like PetSmart and PetCo. It really depends on how quickly you need to use it – if ASAP, then look to see what your local store has, although most only contain Raid quality foggers. You tend to get a better choice online and in pet superstores.



Jerry Crabtree says:

Since we enjoyed such a mild winter, the insect population has also enjoyed it, in the form of longivity. This has been a very bad year for fleas, which usually starts in august. But since the end of May this year is on the boom. I have tried all three leading brands of the leading lawn sprays, and all the probans availible to the public/ How I have no choice but to try the bomb. and zi will look for ZODIAC and knockout es. thank you for your information

StopDogItching says:

These bombs do work! I hate the idea of pesticides in my house, however, sometimes you just need to bomb it and start from scratch.

Molly says:

OK, so what is the best way to get rid of them on my dog? should I de-flea him first before I fog the house?

StopDogItching says:

Well you want to try to do the house and the dog at as close to the same time as possible. If I had to pick one, I would actually say bomb the house first – if your dog has fleas on them, then if you got a good flea bomb, if any fall off him in the house, it should kill the new fleas rather quickly.

lynne says:

how many bombs can you set off at one time

StopDogItching says:

It depends more on how much coverage you need. Using more pesticide (bombs) in one room than is recommended on the label, really won’t help kill the fleas any faster or better. If you find that the flea bomb didn’t work as well as you thought it should, you are probably better off using one bomb and then use a flea spray to get to hard to reach places, like under and behind furniture, where the bombs just can’t get to.

If you are talking about using multiple bombs in multiple rooms, then that is actually the best way to do it. Get it all done at once. Just be prepared to have to leave your home for quite a while as the pesticide dries and then you have to clear the air.

Basically, what you are doing is putting a pesticide in your house – on your floors, walls, furniture, carpeting, etc. You must wait until the surface areas are COMPLETELY dry and the air in the room(s) are cleared out before anything live goes back in (you, your family, your pets, I even take out plants).

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