Dog Itching But No Fleas? 0

dog itching but no fleas makes life miserable

When the itching and scratching get in the way of life, it’s time to figure out what is the matter.

So your dog is itching – again. The scratching just won’t stop. You look him over, but just can’t find any fleas on his skin. You look around their bedding and see no evidence of fleas there either. Are you going crazy? Is your dog?

Actually, dog itching but no fleas is a rather common problem these days. It could be mange in dogs (mites), but you’d notice more than just your dog scratching – you’d see bald spots, red scaly skin, lesions, etc. More likely than not, your pet is suffering from allergies, or allergic dermatitis, an itchy skin condition.

Allergies in dogs is on the rise, just like with humans, and is a hot topic right now. And your pup can have allergic reactions to just about anything – from the food they are eating, to pollen, to pesticides.

Dog Food Allergy

Food is a common culprit, especially if you are feeding a supermarket brand commercial dog food. These cheap meals are over-processed with inferior ingredients, leaving your pet’s immune system frazzled.

This causes a two-fold problem.

First, the immune system is hyper-sensitive, attacking normal substances as allergens and producing allergy-like symptoms – such as itchy skin and excessive licking, especially of the paws.

Second, your dog becomes sensitized to some ingredients and actually develops an intolerance to the actual ingredient.

Providing an allergen-free diet, like a hypoallergenic dog food, might prove to be all you need to do.

Insect Bite Allergy

Another common dog allergy is from insect bites – anything from fleas to mosquitoes. Their saliva may cause some intense dog itchy skin.

Try natural neem oil products to help repel insects from your dog.

While you can go with the chemical insecticides that you put on your pet’s skin, you need to realize that there can be toxicity issues with this; there have been problems reported related to using spot-on flea and tick control products like these.

Whenever possible, it is always better for your dog to go natural.

Atopy/Inhalant Allergy

The is an inhalant allergy, also known as atopy. This is when the allergen is inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

The allergen can be just about anything, from pollen, mold, dust, dust mites, household cleaners, pesticides, fabrics, etc.

Dealing with atopy is very frustrating because it is so difficult to figure out the cause.

Seasonal allergies in dogs is probably the easiest to diagnose, because your dog’s symptoms will come and go. Many times, just limiting the exposure to the allergen in the home and beefing up their immune system with dog supplements and/or a healthier dog food, is enough to control this condition.

However, depending upon the severity of the allergy, you might need to see your veterinarian for prescription medicines.

Fight Dog Scratching Naturally

The good news is, just about all of these allergy symptoms can be lessened if your pet has a healthy body and immune system.

If your itchy dog is out of control, try changing to the healthiest dog food you can, like a hypoallergenic  or organic dog food, and start the healing process from the inside out.

Digestive enzymes, like Prozyme for dogs, is another way to help your dog get more nutrients from their meals. A healthier immune system can deal better with foreign substances and not treat everything like an allergen, thus reducing all that dog itching and scratching.

Having an itchy dog no fleas is a pain to deal with, but your pup really needs your help.

When it’s easy to figure out why your dog is scratching, like from fleas, you know exactly what route to take to fix the problem. However, dog scratching but no fleas is an entirely different matter. With so many possibilities out there, start by making your dog as healthy as possible. It never hurts to improve the health of your dog, and you never know, it might be the root of the whole problem!

Immediate Relief For The Itching Problems

While you are trying to figure out the root cause of your pet’s scratching, you still need to help provide relief now.

One of the simplest ways to help ease all the scratching is a colloidal oatmeal bath. Use an oatmeal shampoo formulated for canines. Gently lather the shampoo into their coat, making sure it gets all the way down to their skin, and let the shampoo sit on their skin for 15 minutes, to really let it bond with the skin and provide some much needed relief. Gently pat the excess water after rinsing, and let them air dry.

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