Why A Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo Is Best For Your Dog’s Itchy Skin 0

colloidal oatmeal shampoo for dogs

Colloidal oatmeal shampoo is a gentle shampoo combined with oatmeal that is ground into a fine powder, which naturally provides the best relief to itchy skin and helps retain moisture in the skin.

One of the best things you can do for your dog’s itchy skin is to bathe them with a colloidal oatmeal shampoo. Unlike so many natural products, colloidal oatmeal has actually been approved by the FDA for helping to soothe dry skin and itching. The trick to using colloidal oatmeal shampoo to help get your dog itching under control is that you need to let it sit on your dog’s skin for at least 10, but ideally 15 minutes, for best results. This really gives the oatmeal time to be absorbed into the skin.

What Is Colloidal Oatmeal and How Does It Work?

Colloidal oatmeal is oatmeal that is ground into a fine powder. The properties of this ground oatmeal provides natural relief to itchy skin and helps retain moisture and to help with dry skin. When the oatmeal is ground up, it is able to actually bind to water. When it touches the skin, it also binds to that, with the water. This, in effect, helps to hydrate and protect the skin, soothing it from an itchy feeling. This is why colloidal oatmeal is the best dog shampoo for itchy skin

Using Homemade Colloidal Oatmeal On Your Dog

You can make your own colloidal oatmeal by putting oatmeal in a food processor or grinder and grinding it into tiny, tiny pieces. Make sure you are using uncooked oatmeal, and that it is the long cooking oatmeal – not the instant kind. You know it is fine enough when you add it to water and nothing sinks to the bottom. If the oatmeal is suspended in the water, then you have just produced a colloidal.

For the bath, make a sort of runny paste (like a very thin glue consistency) of the colloidal oatmeal and water, and gently massage into your dog’s wet skin and coat. Let it sit on your dog for 10 to 15 minutes, and then thoroughly rinse the oatmeal off your dog. Then pat your dog dry – don’t rub – and they should experience some relief from their dry itchy skin.

Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

There are several great brands of natural dog shampoo in the market which offer colloidal oatmeal shampoos. But make sure you read the label before purchasing. Many people just see oatmeal on the label and assume it is colloidal oatmeal and it will help with itchy and dry skin. However, some companies substitute the cheaper oatmeal extract for colloidal oatmeal. Your dog will not see the same relief from oatmeal extract as they would with colloidal.

Bathing Tips

  • The best shampoo for dogs is one that produces very little lather to make rinsing it off easier. Look for low lather dog shampoos.
  • Make sure you rinse the shampoo completely and thoroughly off your dog. Shampoo residue is actually a rather common cause for dog itching.
  • Not leaving the colloidal oatmeal on the dog long enough is a major reason people don’t think this is an effective solution. The colloidal oatmeal needs time to bind with the skin.
  • Never use hot water to bathe a dog, but rather luke warm to cool. Heat just further irritates the skin. Cool, not cold, water is actually better for your dog if their skin is already irritated.
  • Never rub your dog’s coat with a towel – this movement just irritates their already sensitive skin. Always just pat your dog with a towel and let them air dry if possible. If you cannot let your dog air dry, use a hair dryer on the lowest setting – remember, heat irritates the skin more.

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