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Mange Shampoo: A Natural Cure For Mange In Dogs 0

mange dog shampoo

This bath feels so good!!

Is it possible to give your pet itch relief using a mange shampoo that is both natural and gentle on your dog?

There are some all natural shampoos on the market that are directly targeted at removing the mites that cause mange, helping soothe your dog’s skin to prevent further scratching and patches of hair loss, and keeping them calm. What is best about these kinds of treatment, is that the shampoo is not hard on your dog’s skin. Your dog is going through enough right now having to deal with these bothersome parasites – using harsh chemicals, internally or externally, is just even harder on your dog. While natural methods may take a little longer, they are much better for this skin problem.

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How A Hypoallergenic Dog Food Can Stop Your Dog’s Itching 0

hypoallergenic dog food

Are you feeding the right kind of dog food?

All you may need is a good, quality dog food, like a hypoallergenic dog food, to help your dog stop scratching so much. Along with food allergies, inadequate nutrition can also play a part in excessive dog itching.

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How To Ease Your Dog’s Anxiety Without Drugs: Thundershirt For Dogs Review 2

Thunder shirt for dogs

Thundershirt, also known as Thunder jacket, coat, or vest, uses gentle pressure to comfort your nervous dog.

Thundershirt for dogs, also commonly called a Thunder jacket, vest, or coat, is an incredible way to help calm your dog without any need for medication.

Thousands of other pet owners swear by the Thundershirt to help ease their dog’s anxiety and keep them calm, not only during thunder storms, but for many loud noise related issues, such as fireworks.

The Thunder shirt/jacket/coat/vest for dogs also helps relieve travel and separation anxiety.
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Can Something As Simple As Borax for Flea Control Really Work? 4

borax for fleas

Can Borax kill fleas?

A well known home remedy for how to get rid of fleas in your home is borax. Basically, it involves spreading borax powder, found in the laundry aisle at your local grocery store, in your carpet or upholstery, working it into the fibers, leaving it for 48 hours, and then vacuuming it up.

There are a few caveats though when using borax for fleas. Such as, ensure no people or animals go near the area while the borax is still in the carpet/furniture. Also, you should always spot test the rug or upholstery first to make sure it does not damage it in any way before widespread application. And never use borax directly on your dog for flea control.
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How To Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally 3

Why Should You Think About How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally?

get rid of fleas naturally

Find gentle and natural ways to get rid of fleas…

Why not just use the old standard flea collars and chemical-based flea/tick products (also known as spot-on products as they are applied directly to the skin) when getting rid of fleas?

Quite simply, because they are dangerous to your pets!

These chemical products are basically poison that you are exposing your dog to. This poison goes on his skin and coat, and can even be ingested. Now granted, these are low doses. But you can kill a person with arsenic, poisoning them in small doses on a regular interval. The same holds true with toxic, chemical-based flea prevention.

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Home Remedies For Dogs With Itchy Skin 0

home remedies for itchy skin

It is so frustrating when your faithful companion is constantly scratching and biting. And we want to give our dogs quick relief, which is why we so ofter turn to home remedies to help alleviate the itchy skin.

And you should look for quick relief. The damage to the surface of his skin caused by their teeth and nails can become infected, and this can be very painful, especially when the itchy feeling doesn’t stop. Effective home remedies can at least help minimize the damage.
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